Big Data Platform & Solutions
We can help with Enterprise Architecture, Clustering and Setup of for Big Data Platform for different Solutions to be built on top of it. We can help with at various stages of your Big Data Engineering and Technology enablement.
Society Management & Community Development
Society Management & Community Development Solution caters to various processes of smooth functioning and management of societies including Accounting, Digitization, communal needs, social needs. This solution encompasses solutions to simple & complex needs of the people living together in a society/community.
Trainings & WorkShops for working Professionals
We conduct Hands-On Trainings & WorkShops for working Professionals, in the Enterprise areas of Oracle, Microsoft & Big Data Technologies. We have catered to the Workshops needs of IBM and Oracle while training their professionals with not only Technology Aptitude, but with Solution oriented attitude to bring value to their customers.
MMindCorp FAQs
Pls. take a look at FAQs if you have questions about MMindCorp or you're just looking to figure the next step forward. Connect with us anytime you're stuck with an issue and need Technology help.
Why e-commerce can boost your business
Grow your Business and use Technology Innovations and marketplace efficiencies brought forth by e-commerce Technology and Solutions. Get an immediate audience to display and sell your products online.
MMindCorp's e-commerce Solution
MMindCorp's e-commerce Technology Solution for your business helps your business take a big leap forward to capture the growing Online marketplaces. Use MMindCorp's vast experience and Technology know-how to enable your vision and bring your dreams to fruition.
MMindCorp's e-commerce Business and Technology
MMindCorp: A trusted Technology Partner for your e-commerce Business and Technology, will help understand your business strengths that can be leveraged when enabling your online sales channel via e-commerce. Implement your business strategies and vision using Technology as an enabler.
World Class Experience for your Technology Needs
MMindCorp's World-Class Technology Experience and Quality will help with building mature and standard industry solutions that will keep up with the advancements in Technology. Make us your trusted partner and reap the benefits!
MMindCorp Advantage for your Business
MMindCorp Advantage for your Business: Leading Edge Solutions that will provide competitive advantage straight out-of-the-box for your business.
MMindCorp's Enterprise Technology Capabilities
MMindCorp's Enterprise Technology Capabilities has helped many US and India based customers in building sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


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MMindCorp is a fairly new generation, energetic and technology oriented IT services and solutions providing firm that was started with clear objectives:


To provide value added, innovative and sustainable Information Technology Solutions, Services and Consulting that directly caters to the IT needs of its Clients, Partners and Associations alike
To use Innovation, out-of-box and critical thinking, in-depth experience and analysis and efficient customer-centric but human-friendly processes to improve the utilization of incumbent IT Infrastructure and resources and maximize Return on Investment (RoI)
To keep abreast and stay current on the state-of-the-art technology products and services available from Technology Providers and integrate various Open Source technologies
To serve as a nook for discussions/knowledge sharing by technology enthusiasts, learners and people seeking solutions to their IT problems


Our reason for Existence:
Established because of lack of key technology & integration capabilities and implementation agility from existing well-established large service providers/vendors, prohibitively large costs to the client, the company has strong sense and intention to bring latest technology but cost-effective solutions that not only directly meet the clients objectives but are also futuristic, sustainable and well integrating.


What do we do:
MMindCorp brings together several years of IT consulting, IT Services and Solutions experience in the area of IT architecture, design, development, implementation, integration and maintenance,  support for key and non-key enterprise-level initiatives/projects that directly impact the bottom line and create value that can be perceived at all levels. We have experience executing high impact, high visibility projects in various domains including Banking and Finance, Retail, Health Insurance, Food and Consumer Goods etc. Tecnologically, the company has extensive experience in the latest Cloud and Big Data technologies, MPP engineered systems like Oracle Exadata and Netezza, Azure cloud, database technologies and its complete ecosystem and has brought complete satisfaction to the customers it has catered so far. MMindCorp has many person years of experience in e-commerce technologies, business models and ecosystems. MMindCorp is also building custom solutions using its broad experience and specific domain knowledge.


Our Forte:
The company provides end-to-end consulting and services, right from conceptualization to implementation including Production support for Big Data architecture and implementation on On-premise or on Cloud, Data warehousing solutions, Database Ecosystems and Cloud Infrastructure. We also help customers to translate business objectives into IT specifications by conducting thorough analysis of the existing IT Infrastructure, processes and available resources.
Our relationships with Technology Providers, IT Staff providers and access to Subject Matter Experts ensures our capability to offer expert-level independent advice, guidance and consulting on the best, cost-efficient Cloud based & Big data solutions, Database IT infrastructure Stack that includes hardware, software products, networks, etc. for your organization given your objectives.  MMindCorp provides independent, unbiased recommendations when it comes to choosing the best-fit technology provider for  its client and bears no affinity towards a particular Technology Provider. We leverage our past experience to determine the best/optimal combination of technologies given your Database IT Infrastructure and resources. MMindCorp also provide business and Technology Consulting services in the areas of e-commerce and Web-based applications.

Irrespective of the nature of your business, the scope of the solutions you are seeking, the size of your enterprise or your budgets, we help by provide guidance and insights for your organization to succeed in a rapidly evolving business environment and IT needs.


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