What’s new from MMindCorp (us)?

MMindCorp has made significant progress in understanding various technology integration and implementation challenges posed by Big Data Technologies & Solutions.  Towards that, MMindCorp has gained critical experience needed to make Big Data projects successful – by appropriate architecture, configuration and implementation & Integration of various Technology Platform Infrastructure components, and by ensuring congregation of Data that is meaningful to derive business insights. We recently implemented a Hadoop Cluster and are currently ingesting Data to gain insights.
 Society Management and Community Development Solution that is built with our strong vision for Digital India and Smart City initiatives, bringing simple, sustainable, cost-effective and less-effort intensive solution operable by general people. This solution encourages “Societal Developmental/Contributional Behaviour” from all Society members, keeping bureaucracy and inefficient processes at distance and creating a thriving environment for new generations to build and bring out great things for the Society as a whole. With individual opinions shaping up great thoughts, the deeds brings in the wisdom of crowds, a beautiful portrait of a true democracy!
   An e-commerce platform/solution that quickly enables entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses as well as established businesses to showcase and sell their products online to a “world audience” without having to spend too much time in the technology infrastructure and complexities. The solution allows for complex business strategies to be executed (keeping focus on business initiatives) using Technology as a enabler and allowing possibilities to pivot the ideas and scale up rapidly. Our comprehensive technology experience allows us to recommend and build solutions to meet your business goals, keeping IT budgets and specific factors into consideration.


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We have extensive experience in consolidating infrastructure for Cloud based deployments: including EM12c, including building fresh environments in Cloud Infrastructure and migration there to. Please feel free to call us at +91 99205 99740 or +91 75073 79698 or +1 201.884.4234  OR write to us using the Contact Us form.

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