Society Management and Community Development Features

Below listed are the Society Management and Community Development Solutions (SocMed) features that you may avail straight out-of-the-box. Additional/Specific Modules/features will  be made available upon request:

Society Management and Community Development Solutions Features Available:
  Private/Society Membership based visibility and access. Hierarchical and Role based functionality for different members of society.
  Membership and Role  based access and visibility to content. Content IS NOT visible to public/non-members.
  Society Notice publishing and management
  Opinion Polls and Mandatory Voting on important matters of the society in a transparant yet controlled manner
  Society Problem/Issue Management
  Society Events publishing and management
  Sports and Activities Management. Facility management modules
  Staff and Contractor Management & Record Keeping. Helper Staff, Plumbing/Electrical/Security Staff management sub-system
  Directory Services: Members directory & Record Keeping, Staff Directory & Record keeping, Services Directory access
  Asset Management and Creation of Assets for the society
  Integration with full range of Accounting/General Ledger/Financial & Book Keeping Functions & Reporting. Society Accounts Management and publishing
  Subscribe to various updates/news and happenings in the society
  Integration with various other functionalities
  Time In/Time Out daily register entry system for tracking “visitors” entering the society or to meet society members
  Attendance & Sign In registers for Society meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Committee Members meetings
  Paperless Office, Record maintenance and Society Management
  Participation and Contributions towards Digital India and Smart City initiatives
Note: The above listed Modules/Features/Functionalities is not a Comprehensive List of all that is available. Additional features/modules/functionalities are being developed towards a more comprehensive vision. Also, availability/choice of modules/Features/functionalities is subject to pricing structure that you may choose from. For more information, pls. feel free to contact us at +91 99205 99740 or +1 612.605.6786. Thank you.



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