Healthcare & Medical Consultancy

MMindCorp provides  Healthcare & Medical Consultancy IT services & Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Group Clinics and miscellaneous heathcare related business with comprehensive Medical Consultancy, IT and Technology enablement using custom solutions built to your specific needs.

Our goal is to have unified and hassle-free access to medical and healthcare practitioners and creating an ecosystem of wellness by bringing value-added services to patients and doctors/healthcare practitioners alike. Many problems are solved using innovation in healthcare.

Below is an example of IT services & Solutions that we are currently offering:

Setup entire Technology Infrastructure and Software Stack for Appointment Desk, Dr. Consultations, Billing, Medical History, In Patient, Out Patient, Prescriptions, OT scheduling, patient visit scheduling and appointments, Pharma and Medical Store, etc.
Platform for Doctors and Patients to interact privately
Online Medical and Dr. Consultations
Digitized Health Records
Online Payment for Dr. and Medical services

Please know that the above listed are only example of services and solutions in Medical Consultancy and IT and is not a comprehensive list of all solutions or IT services. If you are looking for quality solutions to your specific needs, please feel free to call us on +91 75073 79698 or  +91 99205 99740 or +1 201.884.4234 and/or write to us and we shall be in touch. Thanks for your time.

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