Web Portal and Internet Presence

MMindCorp has experience in Content Management System and development of Online Presence for Businesses. We realize that having a static website for informational purpose can only help business in marking its presence on the internet. Such websites are not interactive and do not provide any useful/valuable action/interaction with potential customers nor does it help with providing business functions.

Below is where MMindCorp can make a difference:

Develop interactive Web Presence and forming Brand personality on the Web/Portal
Provide functional Content Management System with multiple modules/features as needed by the enterprise
Provide Role-based and Hierarchical access/restricted access to the Web Portal
Provide integration with existing modules/sub-systems
Provide actionable, interactive and functionality based interfaces that allows enterprise to perform their business functions on the web.
Establish Navigation and Branding, consistent with your Business Goals.
Design Data and User Interfaces that are Search Engine Friendly.
Integration with In-house Sub-Systems, for example, Recruiting, HR, Enterprise functions, Knowledge-Base and Content Sharing (based on Roles and Authentication).
 Simplified Content Management and Reduction in Operational Complexities and unnecessary Support Efforts and Costs.
Affordable Web Portal Solutions targeted at Small and Medium Businesses that reduces/eliminates Licensing Overheads without compromising on Quality of Solutions.
Solutions are built using Industry Standard and widely accepted Technologies that are integrated together to provide seamless experience, improved manageability and higher usability.

If you feel that your business needs a new face, or it needs presence in the online world, or if you have an existing information portal that you need to convert to mobile-enabled, interactive and functional portal that can be used by your customers, staff and achieve business functions, you’ve arrived at an accurate inflection point where you can make a huge difference on how the world perceives your business. Connect with us to learn more or simply call us at +1 201.884.4234 or +91 99205 99740 or +91 75073 79698.

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