IT Training and Staff Development


MMindCorp provides IT training to staff that runs and manages your IT infrastructure: internal or external and conducts workshops for various database technology areas. We use variety of methods to up-keep the skills of the IT staff including:

5-Day Oracle Training & Workshop conducted at Delhi in April 2016 on Oracle 11g: Administration II.

Oracle Training

One day sessions of training on specific topics that includes live demonstrations and presentations.
Dedicated week-end workshops that completely cover technology in depth and hands-on. Dedicated hands-on week long workshop that covers real life and practical scenarios and knowledge to build solutions to specific challenges at hand or to build expertise to adopt a specific technology or Product.
  e-Learning via published NewsLetters, homework assignments and blogs for solution discussions.
We provide our own learning management systems for use by the client.
Oracle Training & Workshops conducted at Bangalore in May and June 2016 on multiple specialty areas including Oracle 11g : Grid Infrastructure, Clusterware and ASM (5 days), Oracle Dataguard (4 days) and Oracle Performance Tuning (5 days)

5-Day Oracle Training & Workshop conducted at Bangalore & Pune in June-July 2016 on Oracle 11g: Clusterware

  Core Concepts discussions with detailed analysis and student participation for enhanced and simplified understanding that remains in the working memory for long time.

 Dedicated, scenario-based hands-on labs and exercises carefully designed to help develop student confidence and prepare them for real-life practical scenarios, developing students to handle complex issues independently.

Detailed discussions on practical scoop on various individual topics that help students make good choices and decisions on selection or use of particular feature/technology, while keeping the implementation simple and easy to manage.

 We at MMindCorp understand very clearly that without ourselves understanding the concepts, features, viability, usability and practical use cases, we cannot be in  a position to conduct hands-on labs, workshops and training for other students and professionals with integrity and depth. We, at MMindCorp, constantly make efforts and perform diligence to learn latest Technologies ourselves, not only to keep up with the Technology advancements, but also to help benefit the business ecosystem, creating newer opportunities and forward looking times.

“MMindCorp Consultants as Students”

3-Day IBM Training & Workshop conducted by IBM (Mangesh Patankar) at RTW Training Center at Andheri East,Mumbai on 20 to 22 July 2016 for IBM BlueMix Cloud Developers, where MMindCorp Consultants/Trainers were students learning latest Technologies/Open Source Integration capabilities made available by IBM BlueMix/SoftLayer Cloud.


List of Courses/WorkShops/Hands-On Labs/Trainings available:

# Course Name Technology Duration
1 Oracle Database 12c: High Availability New Features Databases 3 days
2 Oracle Database 12c: Install and Upgrade Databases 2 days
3 Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators Databases 5 days
4 Oracle Database: SQL Workshop I SQL 3 days
5 Oracle Database: SQL Workshop II SQL 2 days
6 Oracle Database 12c: Managing Multi-Tenant Architecture Databases 2 days
7 Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop Databases 5 days
8 Oracle Database 12c: Admin, Install and Upgrade Accelerated Databases 5 days
9 Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop Databases 5 days
10 Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Programming & Development 5 days
11 Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals Programming & Development 2 days
12 Oracle Database: Develop PL/SQL Program Units Programming & Development 3 days
13 Oracle Database: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals Programming & Development 5 days
14 Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration High Availability & Scalability 4 days
15 Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration High Availability & Scalability 3 days
16 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration I High Availability & Disaster Recovery 4 days
17 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Databases 5 days
18 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II Ed 2 Databases 5 days
19 Oracle Database 11g: Data Guard Administration Ed 3 High Availability & Scalability 4 days
20 Oracle Database 11g: Implement Streams Ed 2 High Availability & Scalability 5 days
21 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning Performance 5 days
22 Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle Data Replication & Disaster Recovery 4 days
23 Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Clusterware and ASM High Availability & Scalability 5 days
24 Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 1 Big Data 5 days
25 Oracle Enterprise Manager: 12c Cloud Control Enterprise Database Infra. Management 5 days
26 Oracle Enterprise Manager: 11g Grid Control Enterprise Database Infra. Management 5 days
27 Exadata Database Machine 12c: Administration Workshop Ed 1 Enterprise Data & Big Data & Consolidation 5 days
28 Oracle Big Data Essentials Ed 1 Big Data 5 days
29 Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration High Availability & Scalability 4 days
30 Introduction to DataStax: Cassandra NoSQL/CQL Programming & Development 3 days
31 DataStax: Understanding Cassandra Architecture Big Data 3 days
32 DataStax: Installing and Configuring Cassandra Big Data 3 days
33 IBM: BlueMix Cloud : Introduction to Cloud and Features Cloud Infrastructure, PAAS, SAAS 3 days
34 IBM: BlueMix Cloud : Cloud Development Cloud Infrastructure, PAAS, SAAS 5 days
35 Microsoft : Advanced SharePoint Development SharePoint 5 days
36 Microsoft : Configuring and Administering Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 SharePoint 5 days
37 Microsoft : Developing Microsoft SharePoint® Server 2013 Core Solutions SharePoint 5 days
38 Microsoft : Developing Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 Advanced Solutions SharePoint 5 days
39 Microsoft : Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Cloud Azure 5 days
40 Microsoft : Azure™ for Developers Microsoft Cloud Azure 3 days
41 Microsoft : Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing Microsoft Cloud Azure 3 days
42 Microsoft : Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Microsoft Cloud Azure 3 days
43 Microsoft : Introduction to SQL Databases Database 3 days
44 Microsoft : Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Fundamentals Databases, Administration 5 days
45 Microsoft : Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases Databases , Development 5 days
46 Microsoft : Microsoft® SQL Server® for Oracle DBAs Databases, Oracle, SQL Server 5 days
47 Microsoft : Introduction to Office 365® Cloud, SAAS, Programming 3 days
48 Microsoft : Advanced Web Application Development using Microsoft® ASP.NET Development 5 days
49 Microsoft : Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications Development 5 days
50 Microsoft : Developing Microsoft.NET Applications for Windows (Visual C#.NET) Development 5 days
51 Microsoft : HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Development, HTML 3 days
52 Microsoft : C# Programming with Microsoft .NET Development 5 days
53 Microsoft : Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using Visual Studio Programming, Methodologies 3 days
54 Microsoft : JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development Programming, Development 5 days
55 Microsoft : Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Reports Development 5 days
56 Big Data Essentials – Hadoop2 and Ecosystem Big Data, APACHE 5 days
57 ITIL Foundation Certification Course 2011 ITIL, Service Delivery 1 day
58 Project Management Professional (PMP) PMI, Project Management Certification 5 days
59 Hybrid Mobile Application Development using Angular and Node.js Mobile Development, Hybrid, Cordova, Angular, Node 5 days

If you have specific training needs for your department and have questions about our offerings, please write to us using the Contact Us form. We shall get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest and happy learning, progressing and growing! We have a saying at MMindCorp:

“A journey to wisdom starts with gaining knowledge; wisdom is attained when knowledge is understood; wisdom becomes known and felt by people when knowledge is passed on…”      Mitesh Makwana 
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