Remote DBA support

MMindCorp provides  Remote DBA support and administration services:
We employ a mix of Senior and Junior DBA’s based on your remote database administration requirements and database footprint. We provide remote Production support during your office hours, peak performance periods like month-end, etc. and during your non-working hours.
 We provide database services in Managed Services mode and use a mix of processes and technology to ensure your Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and met and adhered to. We also provide advisory and implementation services for your one-time project needs and have expertise to evaluate your infrastructure/vendor solutions and provide independent evaluation report for solutions that best fit your budget and requirements. We provide a daily report of activities conducted in monitoring and supporting your database infrastructure and also provide pro-active advice/tasks to minimize potential future problems.
 You may call us for problem/issue resolution and support on +1 201.884.4234 or +91 9920599740 even if you’re not a MMindCorp client. We may provide free support depending on the issue at hand and the time spent. For complex issues, we are available to perform onsite problem solving, with facilities and logistics made available by you. We do charge for such short-term engagements depending on the complexity of issue and time spent.


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