IT Consulting

MMindCorp provides IT Consulting Services and Professional Services for your Information Technology needs. If you:
have specific requirements or you have already worked and figured out the scope of the IT work you need to get done
are looking for trusted Technology partners and IT expertise for the duration of your project
are looking to fill an IT position for a project that you may have using specialized skill fulfillment
are looking to back fill a position until you hire a permanent staff, you’re probably at the right place at a good time.
MMindCorp currently offers Consulting services in the below listed areas:
 Databases (Full Life Cycle), its Ecosystems and related Oracle Products (like Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Audit Vault, Transparent Data encryption, ExaData, R, etc.)
 Data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
Data Analytics

If the area that you seek consulting services for are not listed here, you should attempt to  Contact Us so we may be able to provide you with guidance at the very least.

Thanks for your interest in us.

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