Ecommerce: Taking Business Online

Please read the below documents to understand why should you embrace e-commerce and m-commerce (Mobile Commerce) and how should you bring your business online and achieve revenue growth using ecommerce Technology Platform (open source) made available by MMindCorp.


Listed below are few areas where we can help your business grow:
Selling your products online in multiple countries/currencies
Opening a web store for your business
Opening a ticketing/booking/event management and sales web store for your business
Creating an interactive online presence for your business and customers
Evaluating e-commerce and m-commerce solutions for your business, providing in-depth analysis and insights to help you choose and select an e-commerce platform that meets your business needs and growth targets
Providing Technology consulting services including architecture, choice of technology & components, solution design, solution development and implementation, infrastructure and hosting tie-up’s and subscription and road-map for your future growth targets





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