Ecommerce Product Features

Below listed are the  e-commerce Product features that you may avail straight out-of-the-box. Additional/Specific features can be made available upon request:

  e-commerce Features Available:
    Use Your Domain/Branding
    Secure Shopping Cart
    Mobile Enabled/Responsive
    Integrated Payment Gateways   
    Email and SMS Notifications on Orders & Statuses 
    Aesthetically placed Product Display with intuitive slide show
    Social Media Presence and Social Media Marketing (SMM)  
    Products Marketing
    Product Categories/Filters 
    Unlimited Products & Category
    Product Variations
    Product Display Slideshows
    Product Description and Specific Information for Shipping, etc.
    Bulk Product Import/Export
    Sell Digital Goods/Downloadable Products
    Coupon Engine and Discount Codes
    Tax Calculations
    Shipping Management and Dynamic Shipping Costs 
    Simple and Intuitive CheckOut Process 
    Order Tracking and Shipment Tracking
    Custom Handling Fees for specific Products/Shipping
    Cash on Delivery(COD) and Credit/Debit Card Payment
    Newsletters and weekly mailers for Product marketing
    Multi-currency/Sell in India, US and well as abroad
    Inventory Management
    Product Returns
    Product Reviews
    Cloud Hosting and Distributed Infrastructure
    Custom Order Statuses
    Google Analytics
    Google/Facebook Login
    Products Showcase
    Featured Products
    On Sale Products
    Best Selling products
    Product Zoom
    SSL Support
    Shop Management
    Enable/Disable Products and/or Inventory/Stock Management
    Custom easy Navigation Menus
    Brand Marketing Sliders and Product Sliders
    Logistics Support
    Integrated Invoicing and Billing
    Print Packing Slips
    Order History and Order Cancellation
    Related Products/Up Selling and Cross Selling
    Product Carousals
    Analytics and Standard Reporting
    Smart Product Search
    Multiple Language Support
    Launch a MarketPlace and have Vendors SignUp
  Note: The above listed Features is not a Comprehensive List of all the available features. There are additional features available. Also, availability/choice of Features is subject to pricing structure that you may choose from. For more information, pls. feel free to contact us at +91 99205 99740 or or +9175073 79698  or +1 201.884.4234. Thank you.


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